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Dance Amor is a dance world where magic happens. Right now you could be experiencing the fun, friends and fitness that dancing brings. Your life is joyful and happy.  Your soul is ignited with fire. At this very moment you could be sharing your passions with like-minded people helping them to be better. Being the best version of yourself is no longer a dream, it’s your reality. You are living your life to the full potential, dancing your way through it, lifting spirits and experiencing happiness. We happen to be great at helping you achieve all of these. Would you like to join us? 🙂

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We have friendly and warm environment where we support learning and each other. Dance is a silent language of the body. And as all languages, first of all you will learn your dance letters – dance steps with right and left foot. Then you will also learn to combine them into dance words – your dance step patterns. Furthermore we will teach you to put your dance words into dance sentences – your short dance combinations. Next stage is in addition to previous one is to create your dance paragraphs – connecting your dance sentences into dance amalgamations. And before you know it, you can write the whole dance story – your dance to any music played. But wait, you forgot that this is a partnership dance – finally, you need to walk your dance partner through your dance story!

Dance AmorLocation map. Find us with ease searching for 24 Dumfries Pl, Adelaide 5000 that will lead you straight to our door!

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Be part of our Fun Dynamic Dance Studio


Your first dance lesson is free. Come alone or with your partner to experience how fast you can learn to dance. Your will know your steps, how to hear the music, learn to isolate your body and create beautiful body movements, understand about leading and following and so much more!

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We run our group dance classes 6 days a week with 12 different dance styles to choose from. Ballroom and Latin. No partner required as you will learn to adapt to any person you dance with. Heaps of fun while learning something new! Learn to dance and exercise at the same time. Dance Fit classes are every Monday.

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To practice what you’ve learned during your classes and lessons, we offer you social dance events. We run social dance practices and dance parties for Free. Bring your friends. You can also go out social dancing with us. Free of charge. Dance party is on second Friday of each month.

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We’ll make your first dance the most memorable one of your lives. With a bit of partner chemistry and some of our magic, you’ll be ready to be absolute stunners in front of your audience! Couples want to perform a wedding dance so charming, that guests couldn’t get their eyes off them.

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Start enriching your life with the many side effects that dance brings to your everyday life such as: getting fit, improved stamina, lose weight, lean body and muscles, meeting new people and making new friends, expressing your emotions through music and dance movements, learning new dance steps and dance skills, having fun and getting energized.


“I think it is best way to keep fit.  Forget the gym, go dancing!  And I think it is a lot of fun.  I think you don’t even realise you are exercising.  And it just gives you such a beautiful release…at the end you have been exercising but with rhythm and with a sense of style”  Rosa M.


Good to know:

FREE Salsa Group Dance Classes – every Saturday at 12:45pm

Dance Movie Nights – on First Friday of each Month

Social Dance Party – on Second Friday of each Month

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